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At C Slooten Ltd we specialise in growing and supplying a wide range of high quality shrubs, trees, perennials and climbers for the garden centres, landscapers, garden design businesses and the nursery trade. We also welcome member gardens of the NGS.  Richard van Egmond is the fourth generation of growers in the family and is the managing director whilst Ben Wheeler is the chief assistant of sales and operations, being the main liaison with clients visiting the nursery.   

Our main focus is to ever improve the quality and range of plants we grow and cater for the individual needs of clients.  Great care is taken in selecting what we grow and often offer varieties that are new improved.  Consequently, we make available varieties that have only previously been retailed at just a handful of nurseries across Europe and we try to keep our range moving forward and not stagnating with the same list ad infinitum. Our range at certain times of year may include well over 500 different plants. As we are not into mass producing minimal varieties, we mix our own potting mediums to best fit general production whilst making particular mixes for certain plants that have more exacting requirements. This recent alteration to our production has improved plant quality and vigour, which helps to bring greater returns to counter the higher costs of production.  Over the last 15 years we have established excellent relations with a wide variety of customers and tremendously enjoy providing them with good value, service and exciting plants.  Product sizes range from 2 litre to 100 litre in size.